Bye bye Singapura =( Hello Sweden =)

My 10 months in Singapore is over... So fast!
It feels good to be back in Sweden cuz I've been longing like crazy for my wonderful Henning for quite a while now, hehe =) But at the same time, I’ll be missing my Asian adventure and all my amazing friends too... =(

Thank you all my wonderful exchange friends that I met from all around the world for making my stay here this great!  

But I especially wanna thank all my Singaporean friends! You’ve been the best!

My two beloved cinta’s; Letitia and Sofiana, my dear Jiaqi and his girlfriend Candice, all the people from the mountaineering club, all you guys from SBS (School of Biological Sience) and all other people from NTU that I met:

You’re all welcome to come crash at my place whenever you happen to be in Sweden! =)

Me, Letitia o Sofiana. Little India last semester =)

Jiaqi and Candice. MRT pub crawl this semester =)

Postat av: Letitia

My dear Micky! I see that u have reached home safely! (no delays from the volcanic ash! =X) It was great having u in Singapore, and I know we will meet again someday. BIG HUGS!

*update ur blog, I will be here every now and then! loves!

2010-05-15 @ 17:54:54

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