Patentera männskliga gener - Rätt eller Fel?

Tänkte visa er att den här etiska frågan är ganska så mycket mer komplex än bara ett ja/nej svar...

"I was the last to address the conference, and many in the audience looked shocked by the advanced results of our discoveries, including the colon cancer genes. The questions inevitably turned to gene patents, and a Catholic priest and theologian told the meeting it was immortal to patent human genes. I asked him if it was also wrong to patent genes from other species. No, he replied - just the answer I had been waiting for. I told him that we had just sequenced a human gene that was identical to one from a rat, so the proteins each described were one and the same. Wouldn't patenting the rat gene be equivalent to patenting the human gene? He was taken aback, having been certain that the human genome would be unlike that of any other species..."

- Craig Venter

Postat av: Uzzie

Ah, engleska!!! :)

2009-11-29 @ 05:47:03

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